The power of gratitude to create positive transform.

"Gratitude doesn’t find us; we find it."

Be empowered to capture simple and effective ways to teach gratitude and parent from the heart!

Power Up your Family Wellbeing with Daily Practices of Gratitude.

Class Curriculum

  Introduction - Laying the Foundations
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Gratitude in Action - Acknowledgement and Praise.
Available in days
days after you enroll

Every parent and child deserves not just to survive, but to thrive.

In this empowering Mini Course, you will explore gratitude in simple and effective ways to bring out the best in each other.

You will be guided through with:

  • Engaging bite sized content that helps you commit wholeheartedly to practicing gratitude!
  • Verbal skills of knowing what to say and how to say it.
  • Simple parenting practices that are actionable and sustainable.
  • Inspirational printables to motivate the whole family and beyond!

Daily practices of gratitude turn disconnection into connection and chaos into calm.

Worried your child will become indulged and ungrateful?

Sounding like a crack record with the “Say Thank You?

Not sure how to speak in a way that nurtures 'being grateful'?

Need to have more fun in your parenting and with your child?

Wanting to bring out the best in your child and yourself?

Ready to create an abundance mindset within home?

Feeling unmotivated?

Don't spend another day in the parenting vortex of fear and overwhelm - life's too short.

With this mini course you can ease into your parenting and confidently take that extra step to create more gratitude, appreciation, connection, happiness and fulfillment.

Let's POWER UP Gratitude TOGETHER.

It takes a village to raise a child.

I'll see you in there!


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts anytime you're ready and never ends! It is a completely self-reliant, and self-paced online course.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.The course starts anytime you're ready and never ends! It is a completely self-reliant, and self-paced online course.
What if the course doesn't work for us?
I would never want you to be unhappy! If you're not seeing results, contact me in the first 30 days, show me how you used the course with no results and I'll issue you a refund immediately.
Is this material only for parents of young kids?
No way! All of the courses in The Parent Lounge are universal across all ages. Some of the courses are great preparation for what is to come and some of them are to support you in the here and now and are what you need.
My life is CRAZY BUSY ALREADY! Do I really have time to take this online course?
Of course you make that choice for yourself but encouragement from me, a big... absolutely. It saves YOU TIME and that is one of the reasons I created The Parent Lounge! You don’t have to get a baby sitter to attend a live workshop, or drag your partner along to work towards same page parenting, or feel frustrated that you can't make it to a particular live workshop date. The course is there, when you want it and when you need it, and you take and leave what you want without PRESSURE! Wanting you to thrive is my aim, not feel extra burden. You have life time access. You may dip in for a little, leave it for months and come back to it OR complete it from beginning to end. YOUR CHOICE.
Do I need to be a positive, connected parent or parent a particular way to join?
NO WAY! NEVER. We don't pigeon hole parenting... EVER. In The Parent Lounge we support YOU to be the parent you want to be for yourself and your child. WE take a POWER with Approach and this course, like all the courses in TPL are to inspire, motivate and support you, wherever you are in your parenting journey.
Do I need to do anything else to make the most of this course?
You can breathe a sigh of relief. You won’t need to join a Facebook group, sign up for online webinars or do anything other than access through your own devices. To take what you need, when you need it. I know how time consuming it is to be on Facebook and I know that feeling when you feel you 'should' contribute or say something or do something. I wanted for you to have a private experience. It is something I long for myself as a parent too.
Do I need to be technical and digital savvy to join?
Oh, I hear you on that one. I chose the Teachable Platform for that very reason. I want this experience to be as effortless as possible. You can rely on the fantastic platform to guide you through the process. I believe, if you are completely hopeless at digital learning, this platform will grow your confidence, and if you get stuck, yell out because we have amazing support behind the scenes helping you with that stuff.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We want you to be happy with your experience in The Parent Lounge. If there is something you are not happy with, let us know! We thrive on feedback to improve and ensure that The Parent Lounge is the optimal and best experience out there in the world for parents. If after reaching out to us and you are still unhappy, we will refund you immediately with no further questions asked.
Does my partner have to join and pay for the course?
Your partner has full access to sharing the experience with you, we encourage and want that for you! We ask that you invite your friends and family to join us via the paid link and thank you for sharing, and respecting the years of work, expertise and passion that has gone into creating the Parent Lounge for you and your people.

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Your Instructor

Kerry Spina
Kerry Spina

Hi there.

I want more than well behaved kids! I don't just want kids to listen and follow instructions, I want children to learn how to think. How to be resilient, confident choice-makers, who positively impact the world!

I founded and developed Kids in Harmony, a Music Appreciation and Values Education Wellbeing Program in Townsville, Queensland, Australia in 2003. My early childhood wellbeing program values calm and connection and promotes whole-child education and nurtures the whole family. In my work, I've had the pleasure of authoring several values and mindfulness based resources as well as my best-selling resource Harmony Cards for Kids; a set of values, virtues and mindfulness cards which is in homes and schools around the world. For more information on my qualifications visit https://www.kidsinharmony.com.au/work-with-kerry/

I'm deeply passionate about values, growth mindset and the art and science of connection. With my work, I've transformed my life. I'm a better person and calmer and stronger in all areas of my life! I want that for you too.

It takes a village to raise a child.

Together, we're better!